Boost your self-esteem with a personal trainer

There are several benefits of working with a personal trainer. Besides ensuring that you achieve your fitness goals in good time, a personal trainer can also play a vital role in boosting your self-esteem.

Below are some of the ways a personal trainer can help to boost your self-esteem as well as improving your general well being.


One of the advantages of working with a personal trainer is that it facilitates the improvement of your self-esteem, especially as he or she ensures that you are motivated over time. Your Sacramento personal trainer is meant to be a source of motivation for you, regardless of what your fitness and health goals are.


Working with a Sacramento personal trainer can be likened to having a personal cheerleader, as it allows you to learn new skills, break personal records, as well as encourage and praise you as you achieve a milestone. Recognition of a job well done is one of the ways of boosting an individual’s self-esteem and this is one of the benefits of having a personal trainer.


Planning is one of the biggest advantages of working with a personal trainer. A personal trainer will usually begin planning right from the initial meeting. Following through with the plan is not only important for the achievement of your fitness goals but will also go a long way in helping you feel good mentally.


Having a personal trainer and working with him will ensure that you are accountable for making exercise part of your regular routine. Meeting with your trainer will occur at regular intervals, usually once or twice a month. Consequently, you are responsible for the days between the meetings.

Being accountable for these days is one way to make sure that you exercise regularly and you are sure to get an encouragement and praise on your next meeting with your trainer.


One of the benefits of working with a personal trainer is the diet and exercise tips that you will receive regularly. Whether you are looking to build muscle or lose weight, your trainer has the tips to help achieve your goal.

Your personal trainer will have the tips and ideas on how to ensure your body is energized and fueled by workouts without necessarily packing on the pounds. Consequently, your self-esteem is given a boost as you lose fat and build muscle.


Results are the best things to improve self-esteem and exercise. Results are product of hard work, dedication, and commitment. Working with a trainer will ensure that you see results in the desired areas. Your personal trainer’s knowledge of exercise and diet will help you achieve your fitness and health goals in a realistic way.

Knowing how to exercise and keeping off unwanted weight will assist in boosting your self-esteem, with regular exercise helping you feel good about yourself.

Staying fit and healthy, while you boost your self-esteem is not particularly easy but can be achieved faster and easier with the assistance of a personal trainer.

To start with a personal trainer you can visit sites such as Your Trainer or Sacfitnesstrainer.

Learn How To Prepare For A Triathlon

If you want to be as fit as those triathletes, then you know what to do. You should train for a triathlon. Why not? If you don’t have bone or heart problems and the like, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a shot. So if you are sick and tired of running around the park or performing the same old workouts at the gym, triathlon training may help you offer a new whole experience to yourself. Who knows? Maybe you can end up leading the pack during the actual race. But before that, you have to train first in order to prepare for your latest adventure.

The following are some useful triathlon training tips that you should remember:

Tackle one sporting event at a time

There are three sports for you to conquer in a triathlon. The first leg is swimming. The next is cycling and the last but not the least is running. When you train for a triathlon especially if you are a complete beginner, you have to concentrate one sport at a time. Perhaps you remember the statement, “Divide and conquer”. For instance, you should start your first few weeks swim training. After that, dedicate a similar amount of time training for the cycling and running events. In the final few weeks of your training, you may be able to handle swim-bike and bike-run combinations and so forth.

Have ample rest in between hard training activities

Do not train yourself too much. It’s a mistake of some athletes to “overtrain” and not having enough rest. Some believe that since this is a physically demanding sporting event that training should be as hard as hell. That’s quite a misconception. You need to rest especially in between hard routines. Initially, you can start with four days of hard training, perhaps one day of easy training, then two days of complete rest. That is not the effective and healthy way to train for a triathlon. You are just draining yourself the energy that should be used during the actual race.

Invest on certain gears that you can use

There are gears that you certainly need in order to train for a triathlon. These are the same gears that you may be used during the actual race. One important equipment that you should not forget is none other than the bike. For the swimming part, goggles, towels and the proper swimwear is needed. You also have to secure yourself a helmet, some bike tools, gear bag, water bottles, etc. You can look for details about other necessary gears online.

Improve on your transitioning

Once you have trained enough for the three sporting events, you have to star doing brick or transition training. This is where you effectively switch from swimming to cycling and from cycling to running. Your transition time is counted as part of the race so the faster you switch to another sporting event, the better. That’s why it’s recommended to include transitioning when you train for a triathlon and improve that as time goes by.